I design digital things for humans

UI & UX / Interactive Products / Digital Design

Hi, I'm Rory.

I am a Scottish digital designer living in the wonderful city of Sydney, Australia. As a curious and agile designer with over 6 years experience of designing websites and mobile apps, I am driven by a passion for creating fun and useful digital experiences and for exploring unseen opportunities that challenge the status quo.


As a conceptual and practical thinker, I can understand context and stakeholders to get a holistic view of a problem. Through experience, I have built a belief that real ingenuity and market value comes from exploring the surroundings and testing your assumptions.


I am capable of taking a project from ideation through to implementation using design methodologies to plan, organise, test, visualise and build a product. By having an understanding of strategic and technical aspects I am able to create intelligent interfaces that are as easy to use as they are beautiful.


As a multi-faceted designer I am interested in the whole process of bringing a product to market. My involvement doesn’t stop with the visuals. From start to finish I have the skills and the motivation to shape a killer product. I always get my hands dirty, be it product planning or front end code.

Lets Talk…

We can create something awesome together! I’m excited to hear about new projects big or small. So if you have an idea you want to make happen, want someone to collaborate with or just want to share a funny cat gif, get in touch using the form below or send me an email.